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(EM016) 01.05.10, limited to 100 print CDr normal case, hardcovers.

A hypnotic piece of drone that will induce you in a suspended animation state. An experience not to be missed! A one-piece track of dark drone space ambient with an inner low speed dynamism rising to 35 minutes of hyperspace vastness and isolation. Interstellar outbursts, feedback inducer, cosmological drones generator and aural patterns organizer by Crepuscular (aka. Angel)..:.

Track parts:
I - Towards the Irreversible
I - Sideral
I - Entropy

Total run: ~ 35 min.

Sample (all tracks collage):

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Review: "Finsterer Dark Ambient, der frohmunter (darf man das diesbezüglich eigentlich sagen?) mit Astral- als auch Drone-Elementen kopuliert, überkommt den Hörer und taucht die nächste halbe Stunde in ein fernweltliches, kühles Bild[...]"Sideral Entropy" ist eine gute, ansprechende Veröffentlichung geworden und stellt für mich gar das bislang beste Werk von Crepuscular[...]" by blizzard / NecroWeb Musikmagazin.

Crepuscular is electronic musick from Argentina. Deep dark droning / industrial ambiences to industrial fuelled rhythmic tracks. A project that also performs live: representations of released and unreleased tracks blends with sound generation on real time with non-musical gears, chains, metal plates. When its technically available video projections complements the experience.

Official Crepuscular myspace website here.
Official web-Space Crepuscular.


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