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Inabile Caos - 1.0 (Cat.No. EM040)

Inabile Caos - 1.0

This is a special release because it brings together a great deal of elements that every niche music listener longs for: dark ambient with dark jazz, guitar drone, experimental even, with a touch of traditional avant-garde/prog Italian school*.

Released in 24.03.2018. Digipak edition limited to 200, can be ordered here or as digital download and CD on bandcamp here.



The release was mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD, Scorn, etc) and the artwork provided by the Italian visual artist Alberto Reviglio.

Davide is very lucky as he got his studio working thus giving him a certain liberty in creating. On this special album there is one track that was played live in the studio with the drummer Tommaso Costa. The potential of the music is great and we are very happy to have the debut album of him under our label.

Inabile Caos - 1.0


"...I think I can best compare this album to Sunn O))) side project Ensemble Pearl, or with Earth performing in an underground jazz club. It's slow, constantly fading in and out, loaded with delay, reverb and feedback, and otherworldly and gloomy set of instrumentals. My favorite track is '3' but again, that's not an easy choice to make, mostly since I love listening to this work for hours on end. I mean, '4' even brings Black Sabbath to mind, something that doesn't often happen in the jazz regions.

I guess there is little else to say about this album, which leaves me with the task of finding a target audience for it. That's an easy one. Doomers, droners and dark jazzists of all ages should check this one out. As I wrote in the beginning of this review: this is another beauty to add to your collection, a massively recommended one too." excerpt from review by Serge / Merchants Of Air.