Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

(EM020) ABBILDUNG vs. Plateau Omega - Anthropocosmos.

Sacral and Shamanic dark ambient. A work of transcending cultures, a return to the essence.

(EM019) 24.12.2010, limited to 100 print CDs.


The debut EP of Earth To Ground band from Germany. Guitar, voices, synths, acoustic percussions & free compositions: an outstanding experimental music adventure. �Symbiosis� is industrial drone with a touch of human sensibility induced by various voices effects. A symbiotic treatise between the sound and the environment in industrialized ages.

(EM018) 31.08.2011, limited to 300 professional made, factory sealed CDs.


Everyone into dark ambient should be already familiar with Seetyca project from Germany. Bleakscapes full-length is an incredible dark journey, it consists in 77 minutes of drones, minimal dark ambient sound pleasures for the ear and mind.