Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

(EM017) Release date: 24.03.2012, limited to 300 factory pressed CDs.


This is a sonorous eclectic offering. Collaboration album, abstract dark ambient, highly inspiring sound art work from two dedicated electro-acoustic and ethnomusicologists.

(EM016) 01.05.10, limited to 100 print CDr normal case, hardcovers.


A hypnotic piece of drone that will induce you in a suspended animation state. An experience not to be missed! A one-piece track of dark drone space ambient with an inner low speed dynamism rising to 35 minutes of hyperspace vastness and isolation. Interstellar outbursts, feedback inducer, cosmological drones generator and aural patterns organizer by Crepuscular (aka. Angel).

(EM015) 30.04.10, limited to 100 print CDr normal case, hardcovers.


Drone based release all the way from Mexico. The 2 lengthy tracks, very dense and dark, portrais a journey to the mind's core. A core of disturbances. This is the first CD release of Epsilon Eridani after a few mp3 releases to various net labels.