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Essentia Mundi Releases

(EM Promo I) ESSENTIA MUNDI Sampler - I Am Through...Sound

I Am Through...Sound

This is a CD sampler featuring the label's artists from 2005-2011. Released with promotional scope only.


(EM030) Sorgnatt - One Path To Follow (7'' + DVD).

Melancholic trip through Transylvanian forests, depressive black and dark ambient. Featuring ABBILDUNG. Release date 24.03.2013.

(EM028) C.fieldechoes & ABBILDUNG - Live Brussels.

The live event captured and mixed in DTS 5.1 plus field recordings from Sibiu (RO) and Brussels (BE). Experience the transiental sounds of the "Transiental City" installation presented in Brussels, May 2012. Released in 24.08.2012.