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Areas of A(G)I Research
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Confined in a certain epistemology based on my intuition and on my psychological profile. I consider that we posses the universe's "intuition" in ourselves. We need to look to us, to nature, to sciences and to also acknowledge some groundless grounds. I practice demystification and de-anthropomorphization as much as possible.

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Possible paths towards a general synthetic intelligence may ultimately exhibit a next, holistic emergence. I think this can happen at the crossroads of multi-component, multi-modal, multi-layer architectures with a kind of lower-brain and higher-brain structure in a dynamic, flux state. 

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Researching ontologies for different types of multi layer networks with neural like characteristics and possessing synergistic capabilities. And that entity is a rolling snowball within a basic o-model to start with. Taking this as a better human alignment or different AI applications.

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Studying and researching various modeling ways of complex systems with AI. For example the climate issues, social systems, or financial systems. Also biological systems or brain processes. Chaos, attractors, fractals. self-organizing, self-replicating, cellular automata to cybernetic modeling.

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Moral, ethics, social impact. That is, how the rise of AGI will impact society. What o-model serves best humanity. Decentralized control, distributed computing power. A network of narrow AIs? Should we ultimately proceed with strong AI? It is the right Zeitgeist for even considering AGI?

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From principles I resonate with, to the function of philosophy, to (paleo)-linguistics, semiotics, psychology, consciousness, to ultimately try grasping some locally gradient grounds and creatively unite some ends. Not assuming for granted some ideas and interpretations.

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From nature to patterns in science. How nature, cells, the universe apparently works. How science pushes empirical models to fit better and better to the refinement of the nature and models into digital realm. The mechanics of scientific advancement. Nature. Physics. Cognitive & Neuroscience.

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Delve into the new paradigm of the new generative platform of generative AI tools. We are already in the first stage of the new generative platform. What are the new tools, how they work and what to expect. How our software / ML / A(G)I model works. What are the better architectures, and why scaling is not all we need.

A.I. to A.G.I. Research Lab.

Independent, exploratory research in Machine Learning and Intelligent (Multi-)Agent(s) Systems.
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