Research standpoint:

- Personal views
- Math.-Info. AI - Computer Scientist (est. 2000)
- Wittgenstein views, "games"
- "Meaning is use"
- Therapeutic, demystifying practice
- "Snowball" Agent, growing in Env.
- Multi-Agent Systems
- Ecological ontologies, psychology
- Non-egological perspectives
- Environment-first approaches
- Embrace fuzziness, gray systems
- Bit Structuralism "Family Resemblance"
- Emergence and symbolism
- Empiricism and constructivism
- Everything a matter of scale
- Processes on large time scales
- Step back and apply Creativity
- Immanence probing
- Maximize surprises
- De-limitation, retain human core
- Unite, discard ends
- Foresee a favorable Zeitgeist for AGI
- Limited discourse space
- Apologies to fellow researchers

Wittgenstein spoke profoundly to me, and I strongly believe that he revealed to us a class of essentia mundi that should not be overlooked in any kind of research. That is (not)fundamentals about the world, the inner (meaning is use) workings of language and thought, of our way of representing the reality with underlying some definitive limits and pitfalls. The limits of science, the need for wonder. Ultimately the essential of demystifying and of the practice of it. Not in the sense of terminating intellectual thinking but instead use as guidance to untangle concepts and find ways to wonder again. And to try to place myself at the right perspective level when engaging further in more intellectual and practical work. Like an Analog Neural Network which can go astray, as it is just processing at astray zooms, so my research must be (re-)set in a proper stage, at a zoom level that makes sense in a context of principles, working assumptions and de-entanglement habit that would eventually allow further details worth combining. This without de-humanization. In a way towards immanence.
I feel the need to contribute to this space in this way, in order to enable in the future, a certain mindset. This means, the one which would enable us to talk about and acknowledge synthetic (multi-) intelligence(s) and sentience(s) - a medium for AGI - a reverse alignment work on us also. Currently, I think we are not quite there, not the suitable Zeitgeist nor the right convergences to enable it. (In essence we need a new "de-"order epoch: de-mystify/de-anthropomorphize/de-conceptualization/de-categorization/work as one, common goals entity, swarm animals, macro cybernetic modelling, distributed everything systems, abolish local thinking, a clear de-limitation of essential human values and a default mindset of retaining our essentials, embrace a different philosophy of cognition, higher level logic, a "Spinoza moment", etc.)
Roots of thought, thus Wittgenstein, his practice, consciousness, generative art and from broad aspects around information (distributed) systems, programming, mathematics, expert systems, agents and multi-agent systems, HCI and in general the multi-disciplinary AI/Cybernetics field (*).
On that grounds I introduce and play with the idea of the "snowball" agent -but always within an environment (of "weak" agency itself.) I am envisioning an ever-learning & curious, experiencing, interacting with the environment, acting, playing & adapting (multi)-agent(s) (system.)
I can think of an infant-like entity starting off within a basic ontology, with an o-model, to enable it bootstrap into (a) world. I imagine a growing learning system on an innate properties ontology within an ecological psychology space but also including parallels with other possible AI systems - I am aware that we may need to reach new heights from where we may see more patterns of research, unite ends of research, even apply more creativity. (For now, with less AI-doom concerns.)
Want to decipher the meta-methods that enables capable growing and (humanly aligned or not experiments) artificial self-sustained emergence. Baseline, it has to get rolling, modelling itself along the way, the environment: to grow, learn, forget, recall, reconsider, adapt and maybe even re-birth.
I do believe we occupy a limited discourse space - same ideas may be recycled on here and excuse me if I may be landing on the same paths ones had already taken. In general, as a basic principle here, I tried not to have my Analog Neural Network trained on a specific (mainstream) path (tangentially landing and reading research in more disciplinary fields) but remaining agnostic. And to a limited degree this was possible. I tend to step back and re-think things out as in a therapeutic practice - much in a Wittgensteinian way and apply creativity and imagination. (Otherwise I see no escape from that limited space.)
Within this practice framework, I can use my intuition and creativity more and thinking I am also able to rewrite my own "code" on the go by uniting or discarding ends. I attest anyhow that the intuition and creativity were strong, supportive companions throughout my life. There's really no other way...

C. Stefan, 06.03.23.

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