Exploratory mission
- personal perspective
- unite ends
- multidisciplinarity and creativity
- self-peace with the subject
- completing the whole of self
- advance through "not sharp" images
- bit structuralism "family resemblance"
- transparency and "incremental" updates

To offer some personal perspectives towards a humanly (or not) aligned emergent manifestation of metaphysically endowed multi-layered models. A journey with a bit of a fuzzy target for me: towards the so called strong AI (or HLAI or AGI), ASI, different kinds of (synthetic) intelligence. Much of what it is important to be said about the subject of A(G)I is quite said (within the Zeitgeist) just that now is on a new refinement level - I think in scales and new combinations, anticipate a new Zeitgeist that allows a different view to take on the A(G)I. I think on this mission we need to unite more, and to discard more. I may go wrong in this mission, but it is not the issue here. Ultimately I believe the domains of research concerning AI will eventually unite into something simple, beautiful and, I demand, helpful.
This is the exploratory objective of multidisciplinary and creative views I dream of here, in tandem with the need to write down the thoughts related to these kind of questions I had for the past two decades. At the very least, this is here for satisfying the other side of a duality, to have a complete self-representation through a complete exploration (*deals with what cannot be said.)

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