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It´s been a long journey...a joy now that this website is finally online:
v0.1 / 05.10.23 - online preview on
v0.2 / 18.11.23 - current version (on an ongoing incremental update):
v0.2.1 / 14.12.23 (update with articles eg. IDA)
v0.2.2 / 06.03.24 (update with articles eg. consciousness detour view)
v0.2.3 / 14.04.24 (update with art. eg. mortal comp., DCF, externsive)

C. Stefan, as computer scientist formation, started in AI with his math background and the university graduation period in computer science and AI. Being one of a few active attenders at the Expert Systems / AI Course at ULBS, Sciences University, Math.-Info. Faculty Sibiu. That period concluded with the writing of his graduation paper in AI/Computer Science and then remaining in touch with the academia for a short period, co-publishing AI related papers.

The AI scientific keywords of that period: NNs, (Multi)Agent Oriented Systems, AOP, Conversational Agents, multi-modal interfaces, HCI, NLP, Ontologies, modal logic, semiotics, captology, Symbolic and Sub-symbolic systems, KBS/CBS, Intentional stances representations, Epistemic/Stochastic, Doxastic/Credal, BDI, Synergy/Holon/Holonic Systems, heuristics, nonlinear dynamical systems theory, cybernetic systems, fuzzy systems, chaos theory.

Biography included then: M.Minsky, Chomsky, M. Dertouzos, McCarty, Thomas Samuel Kuhn, Saul Kripke, Whitehead, Penrose, A. Newell, H. A. Simon, Bolzmann, R. Schank, Y. LeCun, G. Hinton, Wiener, F. Filip, G. Moisil,..., B.Barbat, L.A. Zadeh.

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