Stochastic Music to study A(G)I by

Still generated by a human - sound sculpting - fuzzy music - at the threshold of sound and meaning - transiental soundscapes by C. Stefan & EM Artists.

The self-isolation detour of Humanity. Consciousness as worlds altering and evolution rolling on.

Mist at thresholds. Where inflection points meet and vanish.

History of our Universe. Of our from many. Quark-gluon plasma to first stars.

Other world, Braahia. Part of an AI augmented novel. Creative prompt engineering at work. 

Geometry of spheres. Group theories.

Ultimate clearance meditation. Un-bias yourself. 

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Essentia Mundi Records
Essentia Mundi Records

Experimental, ambient, dark ambient, drone-doom, electronic, cinematic & post-rock explorations in sound. Touching the sound at threshold.


It is our picture of the world that is constitutive for our convictions and our language. What is beyond the Wittgenstein´s Tractatus? Music surely can go beyond...

Deep Wounds Records
Deep Wounds Records

Deep, low-frequency experiments with  concrete applications for deep frequencies meditation, far worlds reaches, music for atmospheric games and movies.

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