Our main AI services
AI consulting
AI consulting
Data Science/ML/AI

It is more and more obvious that generative AI is taking place of some of the processes and also it is augmenting the work of people around the globe and across all domains. I'm here to offer my experience and expertise on ML and Generative-AI.

AI Implementations
AI implementations

There are the use cases that are making sense. I help with the implementation of AI systems within the enterprise. This includes infrastructure, deployment, programming and streamline CI/CD on ML systems. Mainly Generative-AI/Transformer at the center. With effective embodiments as different agents within the company's data assertion.

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AI audit
AI Act/AI systems compliance

You have at your center or at the edge some AI systems. I am establishing an audit plan and check it against the system periodically. This in general means assessing organisational procedures, accountability, and quality. Tools applications based on the AI systems to be assessed the ethical alignment and legal compliance.

Data Science

Basic introduction. Leverage ML and other AI methods to handle big data within the organisation context.


Basic introduction. From Machine Learning to Deep Learning, Generative AI and AI assisted tools.

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