...about what cannot be put into words
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Release title: Mechanics Of Silence
Format: Compilation / Digital Download
Style: Drone Dark Ambient Electronic
Duration: 11 Tracks / 76 min.
Release Date: 14 April 2011
Released by: Essentia Mundi Records

Following suggestions from fellow artists (special thanks to Keith / The Drive To Uqbar) we concluded that there is maybe a way we can help Japan after the devastating Tsunami in 11.03.2011. Initially not planed so soon this year (2011), the second Essentia Mundi compilation ("Frozen Light" is the first volume) found its honest predestination now.
All the profits from the sales of the digital download will go to Red Cross. As of 20.01.2012 a CDr edition is also available.

The theme chosen is around the concept of “silence.” The compilation is meant an eulogy to silence, simplicity and minimalism. A release intended to strip down the unnecessary, the reduction to a kind of ‘essentials', to capture through introspection, abstraction and decontextualization methods an eerie feeling of tranquility.
The style of the music is drone, ambient electronic, minimal compositions, a bit experimental, a bit dark. Music includes fieldrecordings, electroacoustic even some world music elements (Japan) and noises, it is not aggressive in expression, nor it is ‘happy' music.

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