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Blog: Info about music from 2007 approximatelly.

∞ Within this page you can find some answers for common questions, tips for listening, and other essential questions you may ask. It is how Essentia Mundi thinks ∞

∞ What is ambient anyway?

am·bi·ent: adj. Surrounding; encircling: ambient sound; ambient air. [Latin ambiens, ambient-, present participle of ambire, to surround: ambi-, around; [Source AHD]
Ambient music can be the sound pattern (mixed, real or imagined) of a noisy facility, apparatus and other devices, cosmic rays, known natural flows, and so on, that is passing thru our vibrating self. It is the sound that is and exists within you and the sound of the world around you. You vibrate therefore you are.

Dark ambient is a subgenre of ambient music which emerged in the 1980s and 1990s with the introduction of new synthesizer and sampling technology in the electronic music genre and other technical advances in music. It is ambient music with no melody and rhythm. Focus is on pure sound sculpturing. The music is often very brooding and sinister.

More specifically and related to ABBILDUNG style on some of the works done so far: Transiental is a minimalistic dark ambient style rised from field recordings (soundscapes of natural/human environments - life frames) slightly modified, subtle interpolated with synth, so the result reflects a feeling of transience (a gentle sadness, "the pathos of things") of that frame of life. (C. - December 2006)

∞ How should I listen ambient dark noise?

This kind of music isn't really a music composition "per se", it is a more intuitive, direct symmetrical image of an artist's mind, it is his state of mind at a given time, its mind and emotion simply exposed through tunes. The listening has to be done within the same intuitive approach, to let the wave pass by and see what's the vibration influence on your character and disposition. For best connection with you, in general this music should be listened in solitude and with earphones.

∞ How that it is dark?

Music is emotion; beneath, it reflects a fact even though the performer doesn't tell it in words. This fact is about the life we live, philosophy, viewpoint, deep emotion, and private psyche states. A rational mind can appreciate that all this can't be used in a tune within a happy response but very sporadically in a very narrow context that surely will go by very fast.

∞ It is music another language?

Probably, it is predominantly the language of the right side of the brain, its aim is to awaken emotion in the listener through its kinetic movement. A (Abbildung) music work is for both sides of the brain but about the right side, the left side (must not) cannot argue.
∞ Private and Public?

Private is the music vision of the given theme, this includes the emotional part of the performer which may not be as you expect (it is "open" but not to logic). Public is the theme, here we can argue and discern first whether it's in the world or not.

∞ Interdisciplinarity?

Towards fully accomplish a whole music work that reflects the "I", yes. Interdisciplinarity in underlying ideology, in context (assuming there is a context, that is arguable - Abbildung stays within a Wittgensteinian (Tractarian) context base factory) and in scope, in music itself (experiment, skills, tools, methods), imagery, all patched with the emotional and unarguable private aspect.
The final result is an instance of class "I" at a given moment in time.

∞ Themed release?

Pre-planned, conceived music work that all its aspects are contributing to a single, wider mental overall theme. It takes longer germination time, dedicated research on theme, more composing and arrangements are done to accomplish the final result. The music work for both sides of the brain. (The speakable and unspeakable.)

∞ Overnight release?

Not conceptually planned music work, just interesting sound textures for the sake of sound art: experiments in sound manipulation (a scientific approach, new ways, new ideeas in exploring the sound). The result is the music within a spontaneous mood, sound "open" to listener's imagination