Blue Flower

6th July 2022: going further with a new release on Deep Wounds Records. ABBILDUNG - Profane Stone is the ritual death ambient absolution album.
24th Feb 2021: during a long pause, we took the time to reflect on things. On this account we have now a brand new ABBILDUNG release. It is centered around low frequencies, and along with that we gave birth to Deep Wounds Records concept label that will deal with sub-bass, deep ambient releases.

24th March 2021: The most important update in our history. We have 2 LP releases and the vinyl & CD shop website available.

Feb. 2021: With delay (what a fÜkin 2020!) we are finally prepared to properly announce that GAUCHISTE band (US based) signed to Essentia Mundi Records for their upcoming full length album.

Dec. 2020: We are working on updates to our websites and we hope by the end of the year or beginning 2021 to have some great news regarding also new releases.