Blue Flower

Looking back at the pressed CDs we made during the years, there seems to be a round nice number: 8! So it is a great moment to celebrate the 15th year in our SMALL label existence with some cheap bulk CDs offering.

As there are still a few copies left from each releases, we decided to make some anniversary bundles with them, for you. If you do not own them, now is the time (if you want to have the complete collection of pressed CDs, you can save some money this way). Also grab a t-shirt with our logo here.

CD Bundle 1: the first period:
Abbildung & Kenji Siratori - The Meaning Of Word Is Sound
Seetyca - Bleakscapes
Xedh & Carlos Suárez - Cuculacanto
Seetyca - Deus Ex Machina


CD Bundle 2: the second period:
Abbildung & Plateau Omega - Anthropocosmos
Argyre Planitia - The Atomic Age
Inabile Caos - 1.0
DisFatum - Death Instinct


All 8 CDs, Complete Collection [15 years anniversary 2005-2019]:

All pressed CDs bundle contains both Bundle I and Bundle II in an anniversary pack.
Digital MP3 CDR disk of the bundles will be provided in the pack.

The beauty of the collection, apart from the music it contains (dark ambient mostly, but also with that very niche music flavor which reflects a distinct Essentia Mundi Records, that combines sound art, experimental elements, musique concrete, ritual, drone doom, post rock, dark jazz even), all the pressed CDs have a CD face distinct design, meant to differentiate them from the CDR editions.