Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

ABBILDUNG - Mist (EP, digital)

This EP contains some new material gathered around an upcoming full length. Released 01.12.2022 on bandcamp here. It is free and a DIY CD sleeve design available.

ABBILDUNG - Profane Stone (digital, CDr)

Death ritual ambient. Released 07.07.2022 on bandcamp here. Also available as double-sleeve design CDr numbered, limited to 30.

ABBILDUNG - Dublin Live 81118 (digital, 24-bit, CDr)

The live imprint of the Dublin concert in 2018, one of the few live events, thus a precious audio testament of ABBILDUNG is now revealed. Released on 10.04.2022 on bandcamp here. Also available as sleeve CDr numbered lim. to 30 only.