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Essentia Mundi Releases

ABBILDUNG - Placid Mist (CDr, digital)

Released 08.02.2023 on bandcamp here. It available as numbered limited CDr + double sleeve design.


A heavy "drone doom ambient metal soundscapes" album as it is tentatively & silly described. A mix of multi layer wall of slow repetitive riffs with subtle details plus loads of atmosphere. One could say it is a low key obsessive atmospheric dimension to be drawn in, but with some awakening signs in the subtle bits, to be discovered....

Cat. no. bassphemy005/EM056.
CD edition with bonus track.
(c) ABBILDUNG, Deep Wounds Records & Essentia Mundi Rec.

Music & Artwork by ABBILDUNG. 
© Essentia Mundi Records, 2023. © Deep Wounds Records, 2023. © ABBILDUNG, 2023.


ABBILDUNG - Mist (EP, digital)

This EP contains some new material gathered around an upcoming full length. Released 01.12.2022 on bandcamp here. It is free and a DIY CD sleeve design available.

ABBILDUNG - Profane Stone (digital, CDr)

Death ritual ambient. Released 07.07.2022 on bandcamp here. Also available as double-sleeve design CDr numbered, limited to 30.