Blue Flower

(EM005) 10.02.2008, handnumbered edition limited to 100 CD/DVD.

Limited edition. "The proof of the World is not to be discovered, but to be invented." Over 60 minutes of dark drones, ambient, minimal music. Recorded between May and December 2007. An incursion in a math-like mind, an exercise in abstracts if you wish, imaginary constructs of the World.




The slim DVD cover, back.
CD Tracks:
01. Dark Pole Rising
02. Outside The Sphere
03. Vastness, Alone
04. Decreasing Entropy Attractor
05. Call Of The Hypersphere
06. Through The Singularity
07. I am (Orbiting)
08. Drone Of The Spheres
 + bonus video "Two-Sphere World" on the accompanying DVD.