Blue Flower


(EM007) 24.04.10, limited to 100 print CDr normal case, hardcovers.

This release celebrates five years of ABBILDUNG's unique sound experiments. This dark compilation features re-recorded and unpublished tracks from late 2004 to early 2009. 


The presented tracks: I. Forms And Balance (Reprise)
II. Fractal Reverse Side (Unreleased Mix)
III. Antithesis (Retake)
IV. Independently Of Human Will (Orig)
V. Fractaled - Photon Decoupling (Orig)
VI. Untitled 0 (Mix)
VII. Topologic End Of The Sun (Orig)
VIII. Proto-Sphere (Unreleased Mix)
IX. Reverse Black Side (Unreleased Mix)
X. Symmetric Atemporal Persistency (Unreleased)
XI. Dunkelheit Theme (Unreleased)
XII. Seeds Of Everything (Unreleased)
XIII. Bonus track: ABBILDUNG vs. Nycticorax - Dampness Of The Grave
(unreleased unofficial mix vs. Nycticorax band - atmosphere & keys by ABBILDUNG)

Total run: ~ 80 min.