(EM008) 01.01.2009, limited to 50 CDr and as a digital download. Playing time 26 minutes.

ABBILDUNG vs. Kunstorm

Drones, guitars & dark ambiance, one of the darkest release at Essentia Mundi. This is a collaboration work between two artists having common ideas. The result is an original mixture of drone-doom and ambient soundscapes. The artists tried to put in practice an original concept: creating the ambiance of really odd times of the past when humans began to build and venerate standing monoliths. This is an allegory of timeless ancient past, of primordial pure mystic.

1. Primordial Landscape
2. Cromlechs (Neolithic Ritual)
3. Pure Awareness (with the Universe in mind)
4. Isolated Pillars
5. Monolith In The Air