Blue Flower

(EM011) 24.06.09, limited to 100 digi-sleeve CDr. Playing time 52 minutes.

The debut release of VoidWork (aka Xavier). Expect a musical journey through soundscapes inspired by horror and madness.
Twelve dark ambient tracks with eerie vocals are completed by a bonus track featuring Ann-Mari Thim (from Arcana band.)


01. For S�ti � Dh'ergh�lVoidWork Cover - First Edition
02. Seven Gates
03. Cell N�3
04. The Outer Gods
05. Cell N�5
06. Dreamlands
07. Beneath the Surface
08. Madness
09. Cell N�9
10. Therapy
11. Seething Nuclear Chaos
12. Herr Dr
13. Bonus track: The Serpent's Lullaby (Part I)
Created late 2008/early 2009. Music, lyrics and recording/mixing by Xavier.
Vocals on "The Serpent's Lullaby Part I" by Ann-Mari.
Final mastering at Essentia Mundi studio.
Artwork and logo by Harbinger Design.

VoidWork was born in the dark months of 2008 with the purpose of creating a haunting musical atmosphere. The concept is inspired by early 20th century supernatural literature and more recent horror cinema. Xavier De Schuyter is a singer-songwriter (ex-Sworn Revenge, ex-Colcothar, ex-Herfst, ...) who experimented with rock music and extreme metal for many years, before finally treading the dark ambient path.
In order to add a more diverse vocal sound, Ann-Mari Thim (Arcana, Veil of Blue, ...) joined Voidwork in the Spring of 2009. Her voice is only featured on one Asylum track, but will be prominently present on the next album.

Xavier sometimes works under the monikers Nihil, Herr Doctor or Void. Some of his other running projects include Machina Arcana (ambient doom/death metal), Akem Manah (horror/doom metal) and Museum (black/doom sludge noise).
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