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(EM013) 24.09.09, limited to 60 prof. print CDr standard jewel case.

Sunmoon - Nightsky
Minimal dark ambient assisted with fieldrecordings - the perfect audio recipe to explore the nightsky. Music & original artwork by Sunmoon aka. Sorin from Romania. The second release in the "Cosmoaudiography" series. First 10 comes with A3 size poster.


 Sunmoon - Nightsky

01.Nightsky I
02.Nightsky II
03.Nightsky III
04.Nightsky IV

Playing time: 41 min.
Almost everything we see in the night sky is a part of our Milky Way Galaxy. On a clear night we can see the Milky Way in the sky as a band of fuzzy light crossed by dark patches of interstellar matter that stretches from one horizon to the other. This is our view of the hundreds of billions of stars, gas, and dust held together by gravity make up the disk of our galaxy, we see it from inside, about two-thirds of the way out from the center of the galaxy to the edge of the disk.

�Though the four tracks I tried to create a soundtrack of the night sky. I used layers field recordings and sounds created by different objects and noises floating over dark atmospheres and drones because our galaxy is not a quiet place, stars and planets are born and die in violent explosions, meteorites and comets fly though space and crash into planets guided by the force of gravity.�

Sunmoon is an alias of Sorin Paun focusing on electronic dark ambient/noise/drone music. The main theme of the project is a sonic exploration of deep space. Using electronic and natural sound sources, processed field recordings, voices and found sounds, radio transmissions samples from space he creates a dense and wide atmosphere, a soundtrack for the digital paintings created specially for each release.