Blue Flower

(EM017) Release date: 24.03.2012, limited to 300 factory pressed CDs.


This is a sonorous eclectic offering. Collaboration album, abstract dark ambient, highly inspiring sound art work from two dedicated electro-acoustic and ethnomusicologists.

01. Regresión afín
02. Varios errores
03. Sacrá nemesis
04. Juntos hacia la gran reverberación de los tiempos
05. Una última bienvenida
Total run: ~ 42 min.

Recorded live at Larraskito, Bilbao-Basque country.
Edition by Miguel A. García.
Miguel sends special thanks to Oier I.A. for the title of the album and to Alejandro Durán & Antia Dona for translations and inspiration and to Essentia Mundi for taking great care in realisation of this CD.
Artwork, additional translations and audio mastering by C.

Carlos Suárez

Miguel A. García "xedh"

About: This album shows a series of improvisations that I realized with the Galician composer Carlos Suárez. His work, heir of a certain electroacustic tradition but subverted to a more visceral and private plane, is interesting for the reality that it reflects: his music is a result of an intense personal vision about the world, a music that it's real in essence.
For our live collaboration I didn't try to adjust me to the particularities of his sound, it has gradually growing in unconscious forms of working that I abandoned long ago, but without falling in the imitation or the falsifications, using techniques and perspectives that I currently use. Our meeting, I want to believe, was so real as Carlos´s music. This CD serves as a small tribute to its work into the filed of electoacoustic, ethnomusicology and fieldrecording that he captured and developed away from the moder civilisation for many years. (M.A.G. / Xedh)

German translation: Dieses Album zeigt eine Reihe von Improvisationen, dass ich mit der galizischen Komponist Carlos Suárez erstellt habe. Seine Arbeit, die Erben einer bestimmten Elektroakustik Tradition, unterwandert zu einer viszeralen und privater Ebene, ist interessant für die Realität, dass sie reflektiert: Seine Musik ist ein Ergebnis einer intensiven persönlichen Vision von der Welt, eine Musik, die 'wirklich' im Kern ist.
Für unsere Live-Zusammenarbeit habe ich nicht versucht, mich auf die Besonderheiten seines Sounds einzustellen. Es wurde allmählich in unbewussten Formen des Arbeitens, die ich vor langer Zeit aufgegeben habe, aber ohne zu fallen oder in der Nachahmung der Fälschungen, mit Hilfe von Techniken und Perspektiven, die ich derzeit verwandt habe. Unser Treffen, Ich möchte glauben, war so real, als Carlos Musik. Diese CD dient als kleine Hommage an seine Arbeit in den von Electoacoustic, Ethnomusicology und Fieldrecording, die er genommen und entwickelt hat seit vielen Jahren aber entfernt vom 'Moderne Zivilisation.' (M.A.G. / Xedh)

Review: (in Vital Weekly by FdW)
"Miguel A. Garcia [...] together with Suarez he created five excellent pieces of electro-acoustic music which suggest lots of space between the cracks, sometimes artificially enhanced by the use of reverb.
There is computer processing, analogue knob turning, field recordings of water and metallic rumble, looped and toyed around with. The overall mood of the pieces is more ambient and atmospheric than is perhaps usually the case with this kind of electro-acoustic sounds. More ambient than microsound I would say. Garcia has reconstructed the live recordings accordingly and without losing the aspect of a live recording, these five pieces are very good, well done and reshaped into the form of compositions, with heads and tails and fine structure. This is the Garcia I like and this CD is a fine addition to his rapidly expanding discography."