Blue Flower

(EM022[D]) 14.4.2011, digital download.

(EM022) 20.01.2012 released as limited edition print CDR with extended artwork and better audio quality.


The second official Essentia Mundi compilation. A release about silence. Note that the digital release sales with go to Red Cross. More details on the compilation dedicated webpage here.

01. Artist: The Drive To Uqbar (US)
Track: "A Gotland Stroll (Location Hunting)"
02. Artist: Grzegorz Bojanek (PL)
Track: "Where The Sun Rises"
03. Artist: De Form (PL)
Track: "Ten Thousand Waves"
04. Artist: Mystified (US)
Track: "Sirens And Silence"
05. Artist: adamned.age (GE)
Track: "Lost In Trepidation"
06. Artist: CrepusculaR (AR)
Track: "Unknown Presences In The Nocturnal Reconnaissance Mission"
07. Artist: Sghor (PL)
Track: "More Little Things Between Us"
08. Artist: Occurrences In Rain (US/PL)
Track: "Collectively Accessing The Neolithic Engram"
09. Artist: Zen Lu (China)
Track: "Morning, Dream"
10. Artist: Bunk Data  (US)
Track: "Ashes Of Loss"
11. Artist: ABBILDUNG (RO/GE)
Track: "Purple Sky"

Total run: ~ 76 min. / 102 MB (107,457,429 bytes)

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Official compilation webpage:

+ the bonus online video by The Drive to Uqbar "NoH":
Compilation visual promo by A. (CrepusculaR):