Blue Flower

 ABBILDUNG - The Midnight Aftermovie (Cat. No. EM031)

The Midnight Aftermovie released in 24.09.2018 in a very limited cassette edition and on bandcamp here.

Casian Stefan (aka. ABBILDUNG) has created over the years some soundscapes that were inspired by movies and now released in a special format. Although this album is inspired by some movies and cinema aspects it is an original soundtrack based mainly on personal field recordings.

Having about 88 minutes long, The Midnight Aftermovie can be described as a cinematic dark ambient journey through cinematography aspects that had him most influenced. Every track originally touches in his own way a theme.

Tracks themes and inspired by:
1. Sureqa - Transylvanian landscapes, Nosferatu and silent movies.
2. Into The Zone - Andrei Tarkovsky.
3. Cinematic Quasiuniform - the theater world.
4. Persona - Ingmar Bergman.
5. The Laughter - Ridley Scott (Blade Runner*).
6. Middlepoints Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring - Asian cinematography.
7. Time's Abyss - atemporal cinema.
8. Surreal Coma Circus - David Lynch and psy-horror movies.

The releasing format is a special one "recycled" 90 minutes cassettes tapes, making it a unique one piece each. Limited to 66 copies numbered and signed by the artist!