Blue Flower

In Die Ferne - Ad Un Passo Dal Grigio (Cat. No. EM042)

Ad Un Passo Dal Grigio (On The Verge Of Grey - Music For An Imaginary Film) to be released in 24.07.2018 in a very limited print CDr edition and on bandcamp here. Or from our shop here.

All music and concept by Gabriele Quartero. His approach to creating music is cinematic, dark with interesting stories behind.

This interesting yet darkly concept album of about 80 minutes was conceived in the early 2018 to April 2018. It was taken great care for design details and it was developed actually in more stages until completion. It is dark drone soundscapes with subtle field recordings for a definite escape, out of this world journey, a "kopf-kino" cinematic music to get lost to it.