DisFatum - Death Instinct (Cat. No. EM033)

Death Instinct digiCD (lim.200) was released on 24.10.2019 order on bandcamp here.

Death Instinct is the debut album of DisFatum and delights us with dark ambient and black atmospherics ambience spiraling us towards an absolute pureness - there where nothing is needed nor nothing remains.

Taking the inspiration from the Freudian psychology, this album suppresses the equilibrium of being by combining the formless ambient drones and quietly sung vocals, harsher guitar and industrial ritualistic bits.

The album takes us on a delightful dark journey within the confines of the psyche, which is trying to survive a world ablaze. It conveys a mirror reflection of the outside into the inside and a natural wish to escape from the material - non material to a super position. A state from which there is no desire to return…ever.

Written, Performed by Ksenya Sirin.

Produced, Mastered by C. Stefan at Cruel Sound Works Studio.

Additional vocals by Jeff.

Artwork composition by Ksenya Sirin

CD layout by C.&L.