Per Artem Sonus - Essentia Mundi Sampler 2012-2019 [EM Promo II]

Our second retrospective compilation, covering years 2012-2019. Can be ordered here.

Tracks presented:

01.The Drive To Uqbar - Cathedra
02.KOMA Project - Little Heart (Edit)
03.seetyca - an angelic machinery (Edit)
04.X3D5 - The Advent Of Spirit In The Despair Hall (Remaster)
05.Ga.Len - Nazcas
06.Fractaled - Deep Dark Nebulae (Demo)
07.Argyre Planitia - Shadows (Demo)
08.Christian Fiesel - The Dark Orb
09.ABBILDUNG - Middlepoints... (Edit)
10.In Die Ferne - Nell'ex Ospedale Psichiatrico (Edit)
11.Disfatum - The Maw
12.Inabile Caos - 1.2
13.73 Miles-Metro Drones II

Keeping the tradition, a second compilation that showcases our artists and releases from 2012 to 2019.
There are some exclusive bits in here as usual, and this compilation is released also in physical format, print CDr edition limited to 100.
This showcase puts in perspective nicely what the artists and our small label achieved through the years and listening to it now, it sparks nothing less than a big WOW, a piece of sublime sound art to belong in every ambient, dark ambient, drone, industrial music aficionado.
A BIG thanks to our artists!
released 02.02.2020