ABBILDUNG - Braahia (EM032, CD & digital)

A new chapter in the The Other Dreamers series. A visit to their landscape and their skies. Release date: 24.03.2020. CD/digital can be listened and order here.

This album transports us to their plains, black hole suns and interstellar dream catchers. As the story goes, we pay them a visit and find out the means of their channels of reception of some strange dreams first presented in the All Demons Are Horned chapter. A cosmic touched album with a lengthy title track that reveals so much more of their universe, a further descend into their barely known world for you to discover.

Over 66 minutes of dark ambient and drone music, closing in with the last track, that marks maybe a more optimistic end of the The Other Dreamers world. (The 3rd chapter is in the making).