Blue Flower

Sorgnatt - Drăculea's Dungeon (12" black vinyl, EM046)

The album of the Romanian obscure act Sorgnatt (name can be translated as "sorrow night" in Norwegian). Musically this album is a combination of black, dungeon synth and dark ambience. To be officially released in 24.03.2021, vinyl only! Pre-orders are accepted already here.

A unique stylistic approach on the Romanian scene, a release that maybe marks a dungeon concept debut of an album in Romania. The album that combines atmospheric black metal with dungeon synth. Furthermore the band hopes it could be a starter for local projects in exploring the local myths but with a special interpretation and vision: with the use of minimal synth, within the dungeon synth music genre. In this case, it is about the One myth that had such a great influence on Norwegian and worldwide black metal musicians: Dracula (Drăculea, Vlad Tepes, Vlad The Impaler - as for his real names.)

The album was written a few years back actually, but with little chances that some day it can be completed and much less to see the light of the day. But here we are, it is released in the most natural listening medium which is pressed black vinyl. All our effort was put into making this possible, even if the form of the audio was lo-fi recorded and even if some tracks were lost-and-found (in some demo form) we saw it worth publishing. The whole restoration and completion process, after years, was finally done (mastering efforts by CSW) and the band was pleased enough to press it on vinyl. Such a relief seeing this done! An entire story could be written on the making of the album alone, that would fit several pages (from the production times, from filming videos in the winter, from working on concepts and commissioning cover).

In the meantime some final thoughts, this album was released on black vinyl limited to 104 + a few copies of test presses. Because of the nature of the audio, unfortunatelly, the digital variant will not be released, the band wishes to keep the uniqueness and charm of this album captured in the vinyl form (the digital variant would sound different.) Vinyl presented with Ancient Beliefs Prod. (AB021)

Band also wished to thank to the label and supporters. Emerge yourself into some Wallachian and Transylvanian darkness and pay a visit to the Count's dungeon!