Blue Flower

Ouranon - Multidimensional (EM044D, digital)

An exploration of the underground chambers of the torturing, unending maze of dark places. Release date: 24.07.2020. Check it here.

Corners too long forgotten, conquered by things not-to-be-named. But there are ways to escape...Maze dark ambient by Timm Brockmann.

Timm Brockmann is the Berlin based audio engineer and producer in the dark & kraut-esque aural domains. Starting the career in the studion by working along with Boris Wilsdorf - engineer and "in-house" producer for Einstürzenden Neubauten, Brockmann later took on the role of personal engineer for the burlesque avant-garde The Tiger Lillies band and since then responsible for their sound.

This particular record, a debut for Timm under the Ouranon name, takes a different perspective by displaying his distinct dark ambiance in a pretty much dark industrial yet organic and ambient sound scapes art. All within an edge for cinematic experimentation, detailed audio structures, even traditional analog tunes by which one can get a sense of familiarity of the SF world portrayed here.

To be enjoyed as 24-bit audio!

Music by Timm Brockmann. Mastered by Timm Brockmann.
Artwork based on Rutger Van De Steeg's work. Used with permission.
Additional sound mastering and cover final adaptation design by C.Stefan.
© Timm Brockmann / Ouranon.
© Essentia Mundi Records, 2020.