Blue Flower

Gauchiste - Sommet (EM047, 12" vinyl/digital)

Dark black ambient from US. On shiny black vinyl. limited to 100, with redeem code on bandcamp here.

Gauchiste the black ambient, experimental band from USA was formed in 2009 and based in Raleigh, NC / Richmond, VA. Gauchiste consists of Tomas Phillips & Tannon Penland.

Tomas Philips known as the minimalist artist in sound but also in written and in visual arts, he released albums on such labels as Line Imprint and Trente Oiseaux. He currently teaches literature at North Carolina State University.
Tannon Penland is a musician known mainly from the heavy metal side, in bands like Loincloth, a Southern Lord label band that toured with Sunn O))) and released a couple of albums.

This is their second full length album and "Sommet", like the predecessor, contains their finely crafted dark isolationist tunes that will transpose you to an outstanding sound art dark ambiance. It combines elements that reminds of metal aesthetics and experimental subtleties aiming at minimalism.
Indeed Gauchiste veers much closer to a dark abstraction, falling somewhere, between Japanese minimalism, Thomas Köner, Nurse with Wound and the heaviness in the relative silences of metal. "Sommet", brings a soundtrack quality to this mix with numerous collaborators, including Robert Donne of Labradford fame - the band is greatly proud of.

"Sommet" is an important milestone for our label, it is the kind of release that truly fulfills the label's audio aesthetics. Animating the subtle vibration of the tree, which is breathing, beating. This release demands also a very special package. The LP album is presented in a black Vinyl with folded cover package.

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