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ABBILDUNG - Dublin Live 81118 (digital, 24-bit, CDr)

The live imprint of the Dublin concert in 2018, one of the few live events, thus a precious audio testament of ABBILDUNG is now revealed. Released on 10.04.2022 on bandcamp here. Also available as sleeve CDr numbered lim. to 30 only.

The road to the live event was not smooth: that make it even more of a precious achievement and we are very fortunate it could actually made it to a final form on this CD.
All in all, we are pleased to have had the audio testament of that event recorded, and now preserved to make it available to the audience and to new listeners in its full potential. To note that it's raw audio and glitches characteristics are present because the original mixing board capture was used, which in turn was then stereo-enhanced and it followed a new mix and mastering session in the studio.

"It was all worth it. Ireland and Dublin is a wonderful place, with one of the most welcoming people I have ever encountered. With its coastal and interesting gothic landscape, minimalist, a place to return to with an open heart. Feeling like founding a new home..."

The actual audio journey presents us with familiar sounds of the mid period with Anthropocosmos to All Demons, to Braahia and in between from not yet published music bits, of doom-ish metal parts and deep waters atmospherics.

Music & artwork by ABBILDUNG. Thanks to Michal for invitation and help.
* Aerodrums by . Thanks to L.


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