Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

24.03.2014: ABBILDUNG & Kenji Siratori "The Meaning Of Word Is Sound" (CD released by Essentia Mundi Label)

The CD contains 54 minutes of dark ambient, noisy drones & field recordings. Altered spoken words of Kenji Siratori were used from the following writings: Black Paper, VTR, Jaguar, Barometer, Seed, Amorphous.

(EM020) ABBILDUNG vs. Plateau Omega - Anthropocosmos.

Sacral and Shamanic dark ambient. A work of transcending cultures, a return to the essence.

(EM019) 24.12.2010, limited to 100 print CDs.


The debut EP of Earth To Ground band from Germany. Guitar, voices, synths, acoustic percussions & free compositions: an outstanding experimental music adventure. �Symbiosis� is industrial drone with a touch of human sensibility induced by various voices effects. A symbiotic treatise between the sound and the environment in industrialized ages.