Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

(EM039D) Fractaled - Insigninfinity

Fractaled - Insigninfinity

"The space module background music. Embark on the longest trip through the vastness of space." Released on 10.10.2017, 53° 06' S 132° 36' W. Get it from bandcamp as high-res version.

(EM036D) Ga.Len - Sipán Tumb

Sipán Tumb

 With this release Essentia Mundi has opened the opportunity for digital releases at higher than CD audio quality. Get if from bandcamp. Sipán Tumb is a classic dark ambient sounscapes release.

(EM Promo I) ESSENTIA MUNDI Sampler 2005-2011 - I Am Through...Sound

I Am Through...Sound

This is a CD sampler featuring the label's artists from 2005-2011. Released with promotional scope only.