Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

(EM027) X3D5 - Vertical Manifestation.

The artist with academic music education now passionately engaged in electronic music. This 5th release presents interweaving classical dark ambient, post-industrial sounds, field recordings and IDM. Release date 30.07.2012.

(EM026) ABBILDUNG - Abelian & Cyclic.

ABBILDUNG - Abelian & Cyclic

Release date 24.03.2015. Mini-album released as collectors edition on 12'' vinyl. What can be said? There is music from the 'Two-Sphere Geometry' session, acoustic and experimental music combined with drone soundscapes and fieldrecordings.

First Station is a seven-track album featuring ambient, dark-ambient, and experimental minimal music comprised of electronically manipulated field recordings fused with guitar noise and drones developed by Keith Rose.  Based on seven paintings by late abstract expressionist artist Barnett Newman, the album�s individual tracks structurally mimic (though not contrived) Newman�s minimalist, single-stroke technique, which he called his �Zip.�  In addition, when translated sonically, Newman�s use of a single color for his paintings� fields afforded a great deal of creative freedom when designing each track�s overall soundscape. Additional textures include female vocals by Rebecca Reis-Miller and cello performed by Yamilet Trujillo."