Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

(EM023) KOMA Project - Flatline.


Doom metal with an experimental touch. Female soprano voices, slow haunting droning atmosphere. The project of Yury (Spinefish) with artists from Russia and Sweden. Release date 01.08.2012.

(EM022[D]) 14.4.2011, digital download.

(EM022) 20.01.2012 released as limited edition print CDR with extended artwork and better audio quality.


The second official Essentia Mundi compilation. A release about silence. Note that the digital release sales with go to Red Cross. More details on the compilation dedicated webpage here.

24.03.2014: ABBILDUNG & Kenji Siratori "The Meaning Of Word Is Sound" (CD released by Essentia Mundi Label)

The CD contains 54 minutes of dark ambient, noisy drones & field recordings. Altered spoken words of Kenji Siratori were used from the following writings: Black Paper, VTR, Jaguar, Barometer, Seed, Amorphous.