Blue Flower

Essentia Mundi Releases

Sorgnatt - Drăculea's Dungeon (12" black vinyl, EM046)

The album of the Romanian obscure act Sorgnatt (name can be translated as "sorrow night" in Norwegian). Musically this album is a combination of black, dungeon synth and dark ambience. To be officially released in 24.03.2021, vinyl only! Pre-orders are accepted already here.

ABBILDUNG - Braahia (EM032, CD & digital)

A new chapter in the The Other Dreamers series. A visit to their landscape and their skies. Release date: 24.03.2020. CD/digital can be listened and order here.

Per Artem Sonus - Essentia Mundi Sampler 2012-2019 [EM Promo II]

Our second retrospective compilation, covering years 2012-2019. Can be ordered here.